For small business


How do you decide the way your business presents itself to the world? Branding is the tool that transforms your internal marketing strategy into a visual aid for the external world such as brand personality + brand values + mission statement + corporate identity + business name + logo + style guide.

Everything your business does should reflect these core elements. If you can not clearly define internally what your company stands for, what its products or services are & who your customers are then it becomes even harder to communicate this externally to customers.

design + print

Business cards, flyers, ads, brochures, signage, uniforms etc etc the list is endless.

Businesses do not need to do everything but what they do invest in must be consistent to their brand & purposeful.

I challenge all my clients to ensure they are spending their budgets effectively, at the right time & to the right target audience.

world wide web

For any business it is no longer optional to be active online, it is expected!

Whether you just need a simple web presence to say ‘hello, we are here’ to a more extensive online store or informational site it is important to understand not all websites are equal. Can you view your website on an ipad, are you making the most out of your email subscribers & newsletters, can you update content yourself, can Google see your website……ultimately your business website needs to function for business purposes.

My online services are of business quality, educational & professional.