As a freelance marketing consultant I act as your on-hand marketing manager. Many businesses can’t sustain an internal marketing department & in many cases the business owner or manager becomes responsible for all marketing tasks. My clients benefit from the flexibility of having one point of contact that acts as a check-point for their brand, understands their business needs & is available when required or when budget permits.

Marketing is a very general umbrella term that covers an ever growing breakdown of marketing options. Having worked in advertising before moving to consultancy I know what is under this umbrella well & can use my knowledge of mediums, production, processes & extensive industry networks to help my clients add value to their marketing activities – whether corporate, small business or a new start up.

team work

I’m on your team so as your marketing consultant my aim is to use my skills & knowledge to help develop, maintain & grow your brand. That may mean the best way I can assist you is to:

  1. Work with you directly on projects such as branding, design  & web.
  2. Act as a sounding board for advice & feedback as well as help prepare & maintain your marketing plan.
  3. Collaborate with one of the industry partners I deal with or advise the best contractor for you if they are the right match for your marketing needs.
  4. Like wise the relationships you make are important as well, if you have a designer or printer you prefer for example I can deal with them directly on your behalf.

As your marketing consultant, I am here to provide all your marketing resources though one point of contact.

taking the first step

If there is something under the marketing umbrella I can assist you with or you would like to discuss consultancy services simply get in touch.